Ready to Use Quizzes for CBSE & ICSE Blended Learning

Ready to Use Quizzes

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It is not very difficult to deploy Moodle, world’s leading learning management system, at your institution. But without well organized and quality content, system becomes useless or ineffective at the least. We always believed that the institutions should not spend time building & managing IT infrastructure when much more robust & scalable options are available in the market. Better yet, we have gone beyond just providing affordable cloud-based Moodle solution.

We have built subject templates for every subject in the CBSE & ICSE Curriculum, mapping chapter concepts to 8000+ Khan Academy Videos & Exercises, Linking freely available NCERT eBooks for all subjects and creating over 30,000+ multiple choice questions in over 1000 question categories for Mathematics, Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) & English Grammar. It all comes built into our Moodle platform so that institutions can start using the system without worrying about building content from scratch.

It is a myth that the institutions think, blended learning creates lot of additional work for teachers & management. It is the other way round. Beauty of blended learning is its flexibility. One can use blending learning with almost zero involvement from teacher. In fact, it simplifies teacher’s job at school with centralized chapter content/notes, pre-chapter activities like reading ebooks, watching videos & post-chapter activities like assignment submission, attempting quiz, doing exercises, etc giving enormous opportunity & flexibility for teachers & students to teach & learn respectively.

Here is chart showing the distribution of questions categories & questions of Mathematics, Science & English Grammar for CBSE & ICSE Curriculum.

Multiple Choice Questions

Our platform helps institutions to take advantage of advancements of technology, gadgets & internet to provide quality education to the students on and off the campus.

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