e-Learning Platform for Corporates

Your Requirement

  • Looking for cost effective enterprise learning system to train your employees, partners & customers across geographies?
  • Want to consolidate & streamline offline & ad-hoc trainings?
  • Want to meet regulatory compliance training demands with robust enterprise LMS?
  • Want to administer all your corporate training needs like enrollments, notifications, self-paced training, instructor-led training, badges, completion certificates, tracking & reporting, etc on a single enterprise platform?

Our Solution

  • Cloud based platform with anytime, anywhere and any device access
  • Enterprise Integration
  • 24×7 Support & Training
  • Course Development & Content Migration

Platform Features

Central Management

The ability to easily manage and administer the learning function including classroom, enrollments, course catalog, instructors, and more on a single platform.

Company-Wide Solution

Our LMS Platform can be used throughout the entire company, rather than only for the learning/training department.

Consistency of Training

Training and course delivery via our LMS Platform is consistent since it is centralized. It delivers a consistent training and learning quality to all employees by supplying a single source for content, course materials and instructions.

Tracking and Reporting

Platform allows the company or organization to easily generate training reports on an overall or user level basis. By utilizing our platform for your e-Learning courses and/or online training, you can easily track goal progress, knowledge gains, ROI, and more.

Meet Regulatory Compliance

Many industries are required to train, assess, and report for compliance purposes. Just a few of these industries are Oil and gas industries, Pharmaceuticals, Communications, and Building and construction. If you are within one of these industries, our platform can help you satisfy these legal and regulatory requirements.

Cost Effective

Training and teaching via our platform reduces employee travel, optimizes training expenditure and usage, and minimizes facilities and instructors to pay.