eCoursys Launches Skoolbox Platform For Indian Schools


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Last month, eCoursys launched cloud-based virtual learning environment for Indian schools. Known as Skoolbox (, platform offers all-in-one environment for schools to centralize, share, communicate, collaborate, evaluate.

Teachers & students can access the platform from any where, any time, and on any device. Apart from all the easy-to-use features for centralizing curriculum, assignments, assessments, grading, wiki, forums, etc., platform comes with quality ready-to-use content like CBSE & ICSE subject templates, question banks, solved question papers, khan academy videos & exercises and numerous badges for gamification.

With no upfront or setup cost, schools can leverage our platform on subscription basis without any contracts or lock-in periods. 24×7 support & training are all bundled into the subscription pricing.


Learn more about our Skoolbox Virtual Learning Environment.

What is Skoolbox?

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